Everything's Rosy!

     The John N. McCain Story

The Joe McCain story

      Joseph Pressly McCain

Civil War Doctor

      Dr. Vernon T. Chew, MD

The Col. William C. BrewerStory

     Pilot in WW2, Korea & Vietnam

Published February 2017:  163 pages  

His family was burned out by Gen. Sherman in Georgia during the Civil War, prompting their move to Texas.

This was my favorite uncle who flew in three wars - WW2, Korea & Vietnam before retiring from the US Air force as a Colonel.

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"Everything's Rosy!" was my first book about my Dad, John Mccain.  It was first printed in 2013, and reprinted in 2014 (168 pages).  I finished a major update and added thirty pages, now 198 pages, and now in it's 3rd printing plus ebook - available on Amazon.

My mother's grandfather had a full and active life.  His horse was killed in the Battle of Vicksburg, and he took a 40 day leave during the war to get married.  Still a work in process, but watch for printed copy available in August 2020.

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Here's my most recent effort, with the help of our long-haired dachshund, Mr. MacDougal.